Monday, November 7, 2016

Fun week!!  If I didn't write down the highlights of the week, I don't think I would remember what had happened.  Our P-day was Halloween, which made it ten times better. We carved pumpkins.  I chose to make the CTR Shield, but when I started cutting it out it started to break.  A couple days later I smashed the pumpkin off our balcony for fun and let out some frustration we have had with some of our leaders. Because of the holiday we as missionaries had our curfew changed to 7pm that night. We went truck-or-treating at the church for 10 minutes and then headed home. My costume was the Holy Ghost!!   

We got a lot of logistical things taken care of like laundry, putting away groceries, cleaning a bit.  We watched Facet-to-Face with Studio C and then had a spiritual conversation about the Atonement until late into the evening.

We had another church tour but this one was for our investigator Harold.  He is another Alaskan native who likes the concept that the Book of Mormon is a record of the ancestors of the now Native Americans.  He didn't accept the invitation to be baptized, but he said, "Maybe" to coming to church.  Unfortunately he, nor Nick came to church this week.  Everyone seems to be sick, so the attendance was very slim this past Sunday.

So there is this lady in our ward that I have visited with Sister Nield almost every week.  She is now in the hospital.  The Ward Council has been deciding on what to do with her cat, Abbu, and who can take care of him.  Somehow we got volun-told to take care of the cat:  to feed him and clean his litter box daily.  We told our Bishop a couple days later that we didn't feel comfortable taking care of the cat as we are not allowed to have pets on our missions and we are gone 10 to 11 hours a day. Later we found out that the cat had a flesh eating disease and no one assumed to tell us that, which is why the lady in our ward is in the hospital.  He apparently had been cleaned but still, that is frightening to know after we had been petting him and he has been hugging on Sister Christian for the past few days.  Long story short, the cat is gone and from what we can tell neither of us have the disease for we are all still alive and well.

During Zone Meeting for one of the training's we played a game of telephone.  This version there were two stories being told on either side of the line and they were to cross paths and get from one side to the other.  The story that started closer to me was changed a lot but not as much as the other one.  The one that I got passed near the end went from Wasilla Zone celebrating a birthday at Red Robin to the Wasilla Zone breaking the law of Chastity.  We were all dying with laughter.  The training was on gossip and it put in perspective how much "mission drama" being spread around is a real thing and that it needs to stop.

We had an amazing lesson with Nick on Saturday.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and after the lesson he basically quoted Moroni's challenge to us and he hadn't even read the Book of Mormon yet because it was just that day we gave him a large print copy of it.  He is so meant to be Mormon.  I can't wait for him to realize everything we are teaching him is true and for him to follow Christ by being baptized.

Yesterday was my 4 month click day.  Every 6th is my month mark of being on my mission.  I actually found out why our mission calls our month marks click days - it is because "click" is the sound our tags make when you put them on so it is a representation of the first day they clip your tag on you in the MTC.  So to celebrate my 4 month birthday in a way was to sleep in an extra hour due to daylight savings!

Sent from ALASKA !

Sister Shelley Willden

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