Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween !!!

Mom sent Halloween Treats 

So we we had a very fun week last week!! Me and my tripanionship bonded.  We have our inside jokes already.  We had some crazy things happen as well.  The first is we are working on bringing more members to lessons, so we brought one of our ward missionaries and she and the less-active 

member we were visiting do not necessarily get along. She told us this in the car right before we got there and during the lesson, the less-active said, "I have a bone to pick with you."  It was the most awkward lesson ever.  She looked over at us with a look in her eyes like "help", but what were we to do?  She ended up crying in our car afterwards and I felt so bad. The worst part is that we had two more lessons for her to accompany us. 
This week we were to go back and do more service for the scrap yard, but we got there and he didn't want us to get frost bitten so he didn't make us work.  The member is one crazy man.  He has a lazy eye and at one point while he was rambling he sees an eagle fly over head.  He says we all will have good luck for the rest of the day. The crazy part is that one eye was looking at the eagle and the other was looking at one of the Elders.  I could listen to him talk all day and laugh.  We took Nick, one of our investigators, on a church tour.  Nick sure can talk.  He will share stories from his past and they go on and on.  We had a member there to be with us for the tour and he wasn't use to Nick, so he was trying to cut him off to say things or help the tour move along.  It was funny, but we committed Nick to be baptized!   His tentative date is November 30th.  He even came to church for the first time Sunday and it was our ward's Primary program.  It was centered on the scriptures, Plan of Salvation, and Joseph Smith - all things we teach investigators, so that was a great experience for him.  

We had some extra miles to use before the end of the month, so we went on a mountain adventure.  We went up to the furthest part we could drive to and it ended up with a sign saying private property.  We hit a lot of pot holes on the way up and hitting them on the way down really made our car dirty.  I can't wait until we are allowed to go through an actual car wash during the winter time. 
Alaskan Husky
A ton of other funny stuff happened that i can't write out, but I am having so much fun with a trio that I couldn't have imagined.

 Sent from ALASKA !!!!

Sister Sister Willden

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