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  • Why am I serving a mission?
  • Why am I being sent from the Lone Star State to the State of Eight Stars?
  • What will I be doing in Alaska everyday? 
  • What do Mormons really believe?


Why am I serving a mission?
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought personal lasting peace and purpose to my life.  Because it has meant to much to me, I want to share this peace and joy with other children of God.  I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that He and Heavenly Father have a plan for me.  I know Christ suffered for not only our sins, but knows our weaknesses, struggles, and pains of every kind.  I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith because I have prayed and asked for a knowledge of the truth myself.  I know that all those who honestly seek truth, who will ask God if these things are true with a sincere heart, will know of the truth for themselves.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is for all men.  I beg you to let what you learn here make a difference in your life.   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has the power of restored priesthood authority on the earth today, which sets it apart from all other churches.  The heavens are not closed; a loving God speaks to His children today.   To find out more about what this means for you, please read here.

Why Alaska?
Missionaries do not choose where they serve missions.  Missionaries turn in an application to church headquarters, where church leaders pray about each individual assignment.  Missionaries are then assigned to one of the 418 missions worldwide.  Missionaries who need to learn a second language are taught intensive language study programs at Missionary Training Centers throughout the world, otherwise known as MTCs.  I don't know why my call is to Alaska, but I do know that the call is inspired.  When I have prayed about my call, I have felt personal peace.   Click here to read more about how missions are assigned

What do Missionaries do?
You may wonder what I'll be doing every day besides knocking on doors.  Missionaries get up at 6:30am every day, have scripture study, and then find people to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ; with.  Days are fairly structured and missionaries work until after 9:00pm.  Through divine inspiration, my Mission President will assign me a missionary companion to work with.  Every six weeks, I will have an opportunity to move to a new area of Alaska, remain in the same area, or change companions as the Mission President sees fit.  Missionaries completely focus on teaching the gospel, putting aside education and personal pursuits while on a mission.  Missionaries also pay for their own missions.  As you read my letters you will hear more about my experiences of teaching the gospel and about my daily routine.  You can read more about what missionaries do here.

What do Mormons believe?

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