Monday, November 28, 2016

Anchorage Bound - Let the Greenie Breaking begin !!!

Thanks for the flowers
Mom & Dad

My birthday was on P-day last Monday, which made it extra fun! We went on a nature walk supposedly to a frozen waterfall, but surprisingly it is not that cold enough here for us to walk on the river yet.  The water was half frozen but not enough for us to cross.  So we just took a bunch of pictures.

On Wednesday we had lunch with some recent converts from the Eagle River area where Sister Gardner recently served. They are super nice and funny.  We did service which lasted 30 minutes.  Elder Rogers threw a piece of wood and accidental hit Sister Gardner in the arm.  No damage done - thank goodness.  That evening we had a lesson with some less actives and drew on the iPad while teaching.  It was pretty cool.

For Thanksgiving we visited a lot of members in the ward. One of my favorite families was putting up their Christmas tree on Thanksgiving.  We ate at our Bishop's home and I taught some of their daughters the Tongan shuffle.  It is a weird move/dance that my Tongan friends did to create more room in their bellies for food. Surprisingly, it works.  I had room for seconds and a huge piece of pie.  I was worried that we would get over fed but we weren't.  So thankful for that. 
So my Ipad broke Monday evening so I had to go a few days without one, but then my Mission President came up to conduct an exit interview with one of my companions who is going home.  He brought me a loaner Ipad while mine is getting fixed. Apparently that hasn't happened to many missionaries, so I am grateful that I am blessed to receive a loaner.

Saturday one of the members in our ward cut my hair.  She went to beauty school for over a year.  I am just so grateful that I was able to get it cut.  I have had so many split and dead ends.  It feels so much healthier now.

Yesterday was my last Sunday in this ward.  I am getting transferred to Anchorage in the Huffman Ward on Wednesday.  I will be "greenie breaking" Sister Jewel, who came out a transfer after me.  I will be in the Anchorage Zone - not to be confused with the North Anchorage Zone.  Two of our investigators came to church and Sister Gardner and I bore our farewell testimonies for the ward.

Our new convert Timothy
 and his son, Ritchie 
Nick and his daugher Kia,
our two investigators
I am so thankful for this time that I have spent in the Lazy Mountain Ward in Palmer.  I have been so blessed to have served my time in this area and spoiled to have this place as my first area.  I will forever remember these members, but I am excited for the new adventures and the opportunity to serve the people in Anchorage.

Our Ward Mission Leader, Bro. Miner vacuuming his bear skin

Christmas lights get turned on at 3pm each day
due to the decrease of sunlight each day.

Sent from Palmer, AK !!!

Sister Shelley Willden

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