Monday, April 3, 2017

I came down from Heaven

This week was a blur.  So much has happened.  First off, I am being transferred to Wasilla.  This is right next to Palmer (the place I started my mission), and are both called "the Valley" in Alaska.  I will be serving with a prior companion:  Sister Williams. I guess there is just more for each of us to learn from each other.  I am excited to move on to new adventures and start another chapter on my mission.  I will miss the members the most from the Soldotna Ward, as well as my companion, Sister Randall.
Here are some highlights from the week:

Lu La Roe:  So a less active in the ward we visited last week sells Lu La Roe clothing in her home.  We made an appointment to come back on a Monday to shop from her as a way in.  One of the members told us that missionaries in the past have tried getting in with her, but never were successful so it is great that she has let us in now twice.  She is super nice and very fun to be around, but deep down we can sense that she is not at this time interested in coming back to church.  It is heart breaking to see people resist the church for whatever reason.  Church is not meant to be a burden, but an uplift.  We assemble together to be surrounded by those who share our faith, to learn more about the gospel by reading scriptures, hearing from past conference talks and, most importantly, sharing our own personal experiences of how we gained a testimony about a principle which, as President Robinson would say, is "interacting to edify". The structure of the Church is restored just as how Christ set it up.  Organized religion is created from Christ Himself when He ministered on the earth, and it is made perfectly for members to help and support each other.

Stanley:  So our new investigator is a bit shy in person because he texts us all the time wanting us to come over and read scriptures.  We went a couple days in a row and it seems we need to take things very slowly with him.  He has a baptismal date which might need to be pushed back to make sure he comprehends what we are teaching him.  He is a bit forward with us via text.  We asked him if he read 3 Nephi 11, and his thoughts on it and he replied, "Just like you he came down from heaven and showed himself and I met you."  This isn't the first time people have shown attraction to us. We are 19 to 24-year old girls.  What do you expect?  We keep things very professional as we are missionaries and all we want to do is teach people the gospel.  We pray to have the Spirit to be with us to discern the intentions of investigators and if they are really committed to learning the gospel.  Stanley did attend all four sessions of General Conference at the Church this weekend and said he liked them.  One talk in particular given by Joaquin E. Costa shares his experience of why and how he joined the church.  His experience can be relevant to many who have or will join the Church.

Farm:  That day we helped with transplanting tomato plants in another greenhouse.  It is getting warmer outside.  This week's average was about 35 degrees and the last two days the high was 47 degrees.  Because of this the greenhouses get extra steamy. We were sweating when we left.  I figured I was getting transferred so I said goodbye to the people at the farm and will miss helping out with it.  It is mind boggling how Aby was able to accomplish all this work by herself for years!

Reindeer:  So Hara and Dan train reindeer.  Isn't that the coolest?!  They recently bought a new one which is pregnant and should have the calf any day now. The lady who sole her the reindeer said the baby will crawl out of the fence she has so we went to help her put up wire around the fence to keep the baby inside. The mother can't protect the baby if the mother is trapped inside the fence without the baby.  She was very grateful for our help.  I am going to miss teaching both Hara and Megan.  After a lesson we had with them this week about obedience and spiritual CPR, Hara said she felt invigorated, which would make any teacher proud.

General Conference:  This Conference was really great!  I had some questions in mind that I wanted answered and I truly feel that The Lord gives us answers through other people sometimes.  The talks were spot on and I love that even though we have heard some of these topics in depth before, there is still opportunities to learn something new.  I am glad we get to hear from our prophet and the living twelve apostles bi-annually.  Having the spirit so strongly testify to you what you need to improve on is rewarding and comforting to know God knows our lives and our trials and is giving revelation to His children all the time.

Sent from ALASKA!

Sister Shelley Willden

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