Monday, April 3, 2017

Have you spanked a moose yet?

So this week we have some great news!  We have a new investigator who is on date for baptism !!  This week has been very productive and great to see miracles happen. Here are some highlights from the week:  

Sea glass:  On Monday we drove out to Nikkiski, which is about a half hour drive to Hara and Megan's to make sea glass jewelry.  When we had taught them in the past they were working on making jewelry from recycled glass bottles.  They tumble the glass first, which breaks into smaller pieces and they they tape and image on it before sand blasting it.  It leaves an imprint of the image in the glass.  They look really cool and we had the opportunity for our P-day fun to make our own.

Stanley:  Some time after district meeting, we went out with McKinnley, one of our ward missionaries, to visit a guy Sister Randall and Sister Jackson gave a Book of Mormon to while on exchanges.  He couldn't meet with us then so I thought we'd try by someone else while we had McKinnley with us.  Stanley was one of the three people we gave a Book of Mormon to the first few weeks Sister Randall has been here. We have tried by him in the past but either he wasn't home or we didn't have a third female with us to go inside his house.  He was home thie time and said he forgot about the Book of Mormon.  We then asked if we could talk more about it with him.  We taught an overview of the Book of Mormon using the pictures in the front.  We came back a few days later and he has read up to Mormon, which is over halfway through the entire book.  We read with him 2 Nephi 31, and invited him to be baptized and he accepted.  He came to church on Sunday and he liked it a lot.  He talks more to us via text and one thing he asked us was if we have spanked a moose yet.  I died laughing. We have seen four moose this week alone, but no, we have not spanked a moose. :)

Service:  On Wednesday, we did two things of service.  In the morning we went to Bishop's Artoc and helped out there.  Afterwards they let us have clothes that aren't tagged that can fit in a grocery bag.  We got two outfits for one of our recent converts.  She showed up to church wearing one. :)  The other service was helping out with the farm.  While transplanting lettuce plants we had Jen and Caroline listen to a two segment talk by Jeffery R. Holland, a member of the twelve apostles.  He addresses misconceptions about our church in regards to how we view the Godhead and our beliefs about continuing revelation mainly with the Book of Mormon.  These two are some of my favorite talks and I encourage everyone to read them.  Here are the links: and

Less-Actives:  We have visited quite a few less actives this week.  Many think we are just coming by because we and the Ward want them to go to church.  This is partially true.  Most likely if you aren't going to church then you may be lacking in other spiritual nourishment's too like increasing your relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer and gaining a better understanding of the gospel through scripture study.  The basics of saying your prayers, reading your scriptures, and going to church to renew your baptismal covenants are the foundation we must continue to incorporate in our lives to "endure to the end" and allow Jesus Christ's Atonement to render aid.  We help people see the need of spiritual nourishment in their lives that can help them overcome their trials and allow them to have happier lives.  The Lord never said this life would be easy, but He said it would be worth it.

Saturday:  On Saturday the Church sponsored a Family History Discovery Day at the church for anyone in the community to learn more about doing their family history. We invited Stanley to come and he came and stayed the entire time.  He asked if this happens every Saturday.  We told him this is just maybe a once-every-six-months event and he said he was so glad he came.  We helped him set up an account on and begin his family history research.  The talks at church the following day were on family history as well which was awesome.  After the event was over the Relief Society had a social prior to the broadcast of Women's Conference. This coming weekend is General Conference where the prophet and his apostles speak to the church as a whole over two days.  This is a time of spiritual overload and we receive guidance from a living prophet.  Anyone can watch the online feed on or view it on BYU TV this Saturday and Sunday, 10am and 2pm (MDT).      

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