Sunday, March 5, 2017

Staying in Soldotna

Last P-Day we had a lot of fun playing Ghost in the Graveyard, it is a version of hide-and-seek tag.  One person who is the zombie hides and everyone tries to find them. But once found, they yell "ghost in the graveyard" and we all run on back to base as quickly as we can before getting tagged by the zombie.  There were even points where we running outside on the ice sidewalks trying not to get tagged.  I am the best at hiding, but not the best when it comes to not getting tagged, so I hid a lot.  I was smart and grabbed the keys and went outside doors and come in different entrances. It threw everyone off.  Eventually we changed things up and played Ring Wraith. This game everyone hides except one who is trying to find the others.  Once they find one they have to tag them.  I cornered an elder in the high council room for the longest time before I was able to tag him.  Then the person who was it gets 15 seconds to run and hide and the person tagged is now it.  The point of the game is that you don't know who is it because everyone, theoretically, is still hiding.  It turned into someone were hiding and others were out in the open avoiding to get tagged and telling everyone who is it which defeats the purpose.  
Some other highlights for the week:
Remodeling:  We helped a lady in our Ward remodel her house.  We worked on flooring and she ended up giving us bamboo pillows which are the best and took us out to eat at Odie's which is a good sandwich restaurant.
Family HIstory:  Family HIstory work gives me a lot of stress.  I don't know where to start, and I, always afraid I am going to put wrong information in or delete important information when merging people.  Also, it is hard to find records of people sometimes.  I have been working on my Mom's side of the family because most of my Dad's side is taken care of with all my relatives who are members of the church who have been working on it for years.  We have received some help from family history consultants who are in our ward who have made the process a little clearer for me, but I know it is just time consuming and a lot of work, but it needs to be done.
Farm:  We had done apparently too much planting that Abby didn't have any more room for trays of planted seeds, so we went down to the basement to clean and I screamed because of a dead mouse.  Because of the way I reacted, some of the elders were trying to get that reaction out of me again, but I didn't let them.
Common Enemy:  We have bonded with a set of elders over a common enemy which is another elder in our district.  We are just having some drama going on but we have decided to go the route of killing with kindness.  We'll see what happens with it but all we can do is just make sure we are acting how Christ would act.
Thursday:  we had three lessons that day.  We had a lesson with Hana and her daughter Megan who live in the Kenai area but they badly want to be taught by sisters.  They requested missionaries so they are elect and are prepared by The Lord at this time to receive our message.  Because they live so far away, it took some time to drive back and then we had to drive to Funny River, which is another 20-minute drive.  We had a good lesson with one of our less-actives.  Later that night we had our lesson with the two boys who are technically investigators but they can't get baptized yet until they are adopted by their parents because their birth dad won't let them.
This week was a good week for Sister Randall and I to bond.  We had some good, deep communications about some nights had pillow talk.  I am glad I have another transfer to serve with this girl.  Transfer calls are this week but we know we will be staying :)

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Sister Shelley Willden

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