Sunday, March 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Sister Randall

This week went pretty well.  For P-day fun we tried Saran wrapping the Elder's car buy they came out of the church for no apparent reason and caught us in the process of it. Oh well.  Here are some highlights of the week:
Tracting:  We have given out two Book of Mormons this week for a total of three since Sister Randall has been my trainee.  It is very bizarre these interactions, but The Lord blesses those who are showing The Lord they are willing to work.
Sick:  I woke up one morning with a sore throat and it all went down hill from there.  I got medicine and am now on the tail end of it with mainly just a cough.
Farm Life:  We started planting!  Sister Randall and I basically played in the dirt it seemed like because we got more dirty then than any other service we've done.
Dominic:  We asked if we could start teaching him and he said yes, so we've had three lessons with him this week and they are all going great.  He is putting his electronic's away and paying attention.  He is still forgetting to read the Book of Mormon even though we follow up, so we decided we are going to have a lesson on how to study the Book of Mormon, or any scripture for that matter, and to make reading it fun because it is fun to me now.
Caroline:  We taught her at the church and followed with a church tour but later found out she lives in the K-Beach area :(  We even got a referral from Danny but she also lives in their area as well.  We're all on the same team but it would be great if we were given people to teach.  We did have a district tract in our area where some elders found a couple of potentials we are planning on trying by, but the miracle is that another set of elders gave us a referral and we have an appointment set up with him next Saturday!
Funeral:  A member in the ward passed away and we were asked to sing Amazing Grace.  With the week practicing Sister Randall and I were able to perform that.  Many people came up to us afterwards to thank us for singing.
Sister Randall's Birthday:  This week I have been in contact with the elders to help buy gifts and plan things for Sister Randall's birthday.  I had to do some sneaking around and keep things from her which she didn't appreciate but as my mother would say around Christmas time, "you can't ask questions".  She woke up Sunday morning opening up her gifts which she loved.  The elders even bought her a Doctor Who monopoly game.  One of the members found out it was her birthday from the elders who were shopping for decorations at Fred Meyers.  I left the apartment door unlocked so they could decorate the house, but I also knew they wouldn't pass up the opportunity to prank us while they were there.  Sister Randall was smart enough to find it before damage could have occurred.  They tied a rubber band around the faucet sprayer so theoretically when we turned on the faucet we would get sprayed with water.  Our joker card we have been doing is putting a ninja somewhere where they would find it but they are giving them back to us which is lame.  We found both of them in our house.  For dinner the same member who found out it was her birthday told the members feeding us and the wife made a cake from scratch in the few hours after church.  Sister Randall said it was one of the best birthday's she has had.  Even the Bishop's wife came and brought a cake and a present that evening.  The fun part is that we are celebrating as a district today by going ice fishing and getting more cake. We are going to overload on cake. :)  But I hear this one is going to be ice cream cake! We are seeing the miracles come in by being obedient and know The Lord really does bless us when we show Him our desire to work.

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Sister Shelley Willden

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