Monday, August 1, 2016

I love ALASKA!!   I already have a list going of the reasons I love Alaska. Some of them include the amazing sunlight we have all day long and Fireweed: it's a weed that is purple!!

I am in Palmer, Alaska, surrounded by the best mountains ever! My trainer is Sister Nield who is seriously the best.  We have so much in common and we are already best of friends.  She has only been out 6 months before training me so we are basically learning together.  She is from Farmington, Utah and is 19.  She, though, is very mature for her age and is very wise.  I love her so much and I am glad I'll be spending 3 months with her as I am being trained.  The all day and night sunlight is awesome.   The only time it throws me off is when we are in lessons and I think it's only 6pm, when in reality it is time to head back home (9-9:30pm). We have 5 progressing investigators right now and possibly two more.  Our story with that: all of our appointments fell through Saturday, so we decided to do more tracting.  We had already done a district tract in our area earlier that day (the members in the district go to one area to help them tract for an hour which covers more ground in less time).  We prayed and felt we should tract these trailer homes and after 5 people not even allowing us to say anything we came to this door where we talked to a guy for an hour on his doorstep.  At one point I told him that the main event that happens in the Book of Mormon is when Jesus visits the Americas.  He said that the Native Americans have stories about that event which is so cool.  We told him the Book of Mormon is a record of those people.  We now have an appointment to come back to teach him and his daughter!   The Lord gave us time for us to find the elect and, with prayerful thought, we were able to find him.  The Lord knows which of His children are ready to hear the gospel and helps point the missionaries in the right direction if they are willing to listen. 

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