Monday, September 26, 2016

We did service at the same lady's house we did before when some of the missionaries were on the roof.  This time we had to tear the porch down to the last nail.  It took only three hours to demolish it. Crazy things were happening.  Elder Brown was tearing down the roof while being on the roof; Elder Janes stepped on a nail that pierced his skin (he is alright though); I broke a pitch axe while using it; and some of the Elders created a non fire to burn all the rotted pieces of wood.  It turned out to be a really fun service opportunity.

We taught some of our progressing investigators who are constantly reading the Book of Mormon recently and they told us that they are going to move down to Washington.  It is sad that they are moving but we continue to teach them until they move.  Their daughter wants to be baptized before they move but we think it would be wiser to have them baptized in their new ward in Washington so they have a better chance to stay active by being fellow-shipped down there.  Everyone always refer to the mainland as the Lower 48 or even the States so I have caught myself even saying it.
We had Women's Conference Saturday which was awesome.  Our newest convert came and loved it.  She loves watching Conference so much that she even is watching past conference talks.  President Uchtdorf's talk was my favorite. He made me think about faith in a new way.

We have what is called "termination dust" on Lazy Mountain, so that means snow should be here in 3 weeks if it sticks.

I love this gospel so much and love my Savior for the wonderful Atonement he did for me.  All this is possible because God and Christ love us so much.

Many Thanks!!!

Sister Shelley Willden

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